The Journey's End Store

We provide you with a full service store. If you forgot something for your fishing, hunting or camping trip or just need some refreshments, we have it at the Store. Get yourself some refreshing ice cream at our soft serve ice cream machine.

If you need cash, there is an ATM machine for your convenience. Gas and propane are available if needed.

• Fishing Supplies

- Hooks, Weights, Lures, Line, Poles, Nets

- Worms, Chicken Livers, Power Bait

- Licenses, Regulations

- Boating: Life Vests, Flags, Ropes, Inflatable Tubes, & Boats

• Camping Supplies

- Tents, Mattresses, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Chairs

- Water Containers, Shower Bags

- Sun Screen, Citronella, Personal Items, Cameras, Film, Toys

- Paper Goods, Table Cloths

- Propane, Stoves, Lanterns, Cookware, Charcoal Briquettes


• Food

- Dairy: Milk, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Cheese, Cream

- Basic Groceries: Bread, Buns, Lunch Meat, Eggs

- Frozen Foods: Burritos, Hash Browns, Sandwiches

- Snacks: Ice Cream Bars, Cake, Chips, Candy, Smores

• Clothing

- T-shirts, Sweat Shirts, Swim Suits, Shorts, Water Shoes, Sandals, Hats

• Beverages

- Water, Milk, Juices, Soda

- Beer & Wine

- Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate




(707) 574-6441 - (707) 574-0091




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9001 Mad River Road, Mad River, CA 95552